Graphic resource for the pc game minecraft. Theme: ancient world. Customisable.
Support for minecraft 1.6.1 1.8 1.9 1.10not logged in
23. November 2014, bugs fixed
-- Sea Lantern - first alternative - on Create Custom, texture was not copied - had wrong source copy path - changed: resource/ to alternatives/.
-- Oak Door - wrong ingame name - door oak item used default minecraft name - changed in "en_US.lang" DoorWood to DoorOak.
08. December 2014, bugs fixed
-- Centurion Gladius - wrong texture - its id reffered to Spartan Lakonia Short Sword - changed in "index3.php" ai0023 to ai0025.
-- Toolforge - lately, tranparency undesirably filled with black - add workaround with imagick commands - spot tests show good results - hope its throughout.
06. April 2015, bugs fixed
-- Leather armor - tranparency undesirably filled with black - add workaround/fix with imagick commands too.
30. March 2016, update for minecraft 1.9
09. April 2016, content change and bug fixed
-- Added texture for Magmacube-creature.
-- Changed texture for lava-block - I was impressed with the new look.
-- Fixed Fire - lately on some blocks fire is invisible - solution: filled the empty fire-png-file with fire-texture. Previously it was removed to support the visual effect of the fire - Accomplished by leaving one fire-png-file empty - Resulted in reducing the number of fire-textures loaded into the game.
10. July 2016, update for minecraft 1.10